Monday, April 20, 2009


I got all excited for Spring to get here...afterall the Easter Bunny came...but Mother Nature had other plans. When do the flower fairies get here to change all the blah to beautiful? My Grape Hyacynths started blooming a few weeks ago. I half expected them to croak but they have survived a couple snow falls now and frost in the mornings too. The Lilac bush is trying to blossom but hasn't quite figured out the weather.

The best thing about April is that tax season is over. I am hoping to have more time to "tend to my gardens"...time to think about things like cleaning out the garage and sorting out the muck in the closets. Its time to repack the camp trailer and toss out what needs to go.

We went to the valley to spend Easter with my family. It was a fun weeked. The kids were even able to hunt easter eggs outside before it started raining. We also celebrated family birthdays but getting all the cousins together for a picture is one of my favorite Easter traditions.

Everyone was there except Jennifer (who is on a mission in Italy), Jared (who is on a mission in Brazil) Danny lives in Salt Lake City, and Kelsey who was in the room but sick on the other couch. Well, and Kendall was taking the picture. Oh, and for some reason Jasmine wasn't there either. So I guess I should have said "most of the cousins" were there.

The girls colored Easter eggs Friday night. Amanda mostly concentrated on the googly eyes and Kari, ofcourse had about half her eggs decorated for"Jake".

Easter morning came early as Mom and Dad have 8:30am Church.
This was Alaina's first official Easter and she was having a hard time waking up...LOL! We managed to get to church about 20 minutes late!

After church we had our traditional photo shoot on the church lawn.

The girls both looked so nice. Pictures from Easter Sunday make me so sentimental. They just grow up too fast. Before you know it we will be planning a wedding and another graduation. Then what?? Kirt says fishing....I'd like to think we would travel more than just to the Lake, LOL. Probably not, Ha Ha!
I just glad to be here one more Spring.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Party Weekend!

I just LOVE March. Not just because its my birthday but because it means spring is coming. This year my niece Kaela was baptised.
Gramma Karen made her dress it was so pretty! Afterwards we congregated outside to take pictures. LOTS of pictures!

(Lori, Kari, Randy, Ryan, & Kyle)

(Darrin, Lyndie, Kim, Randy,
Logan, Trevor, Kaela, Ryan, & Kyle)
(Kirt, Grampa Max, Randy, Tom, Kendall & Kaela)
Amanda looked pretty that day! Here Kari & Kirt are reviewing her pictures...notice that Logan is usually shadowing Kari! He's so cute!
And I just LOVE this picture of Kimmie and Lyndie.

Then we all raced over to Randy & Kim's home for lunch and birthday parties.

(Elijah, Kyle, Kari, & Kaela) (Amanda on the hammock)
We had such a fun day!

And Me....I blew all the candles out and I hope I get my wish!