Friday, January 15, 2010

Our Christmas Traditions - 2009

Thank goodness this year we weren't to overwhelmed and busy to enjoy some of our favorite family Christmas traditions. Although some had to be modified to meet the circumstances we were able to check them off our list.

First: Concerts

We were able to enjoy Amanda's choir concert this year. It only had to be rescheduled once due to a snow day. Amanda loves to sing and what is Christmas without music? They ended with a beautiful rendition of silent night that was so awesome.

Second: Ward Party
Kirt & I were in charge of our ward dinner. The primary gave an awesome nativity program and Papa Santa was there to visit with all the kids. It was a nice night!

Third: Sugar Cookies

Every year we make cookies together as a family. This year there was no way we could all get together so Kirt & I made these cookies with some friends and their kids. Amanda and Kari were able to make cookies one day at Gramma Karen's so somehow we were all able to participate.

Fourth: Ornaments on Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve we gather at the tree before the big family party and Kirt & I give the girls a special ornament that has something to do with what each girl did that year. I like to wrap it fancy. This year we gathered around Kari's tree in her room at Grandma's. (another necessary modification)
Kari got a wakeboard, Amanda got a jet ski, and Alaina got a little doll.

Fifth: The Family Party with Papa Santa

During our family party we share songs and Santa reads the Christmas story from the New Testiment. Then he brings in his big red bag and calls each child to sit on his knee for a gift, picture, and a goodie bag.

This year mom & dad gave us all a special book of Danny's life. It was awesome and we all cried.

Sixth: Santa comes Christmas morning

Mrs. Claus tries very hard to make beautiful packages to surprise the girls in the morning. The girls can get in to their stockings whenever they want but have to wait for me & Dad to open their gifts. The biggest gift is always from Me & Dad...that way Santa doesn't get all the credit for the good stuff...ha ha! There are usually a few items not wrapped for instant gratification.

Seven: Something handmade

This year i taught myself to crochet flowers and I made each girl a reversable tote bag. I even spent way too many hours sewing Kari a small back pack. It was great but I don't think I will ever try that one again...LOL.

Eight: Christmas Breakfast

We always have a formal breakfast in our jammies on Christmas morning. We have been lucky enough to share this event with Mom & Dad for a number of years now. We set the table up the night before and always try to fix something extra special. The berry & fruit salad was to die for this year. I wish I could say it was the best Christmas ever...but I can atleast say we had a great time!

We hope you did too!