Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Should Be On Medication!

This is why you should never let a teenager drive your car!

I let Alaina take the suburban during our Ward Campout so she could get some practice in it. She wasn't gone 5 minutes and managed to

make friends with a few trees.

It was a really hard hit and the girls were lucky to walk away.
My heart has been racing & my stomach turning ever since but we are
counting our losses and being greatful for the miracles of that day.

So now with our meager insurance settlement.
we are on the hunt for a new truck that can haul the camp trailer
before our big trip to Lake Powell on the 4th!

Say Goodbye Randy & Kim - It was a great car!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Amanda's Got Talent!

We had a little fun with the camera during "Swing Therapy"

YAY! Nice trick Amanda! I made her do this flip atleast a dozen times until I got one at each stage...LOL she is a good sport!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Giving Back

My Family has had a few great opportunities lately to give back to our community.

Last week Kirt, Amanda, and I volunteered to help with the Deuces Wild Triathalon. It was amazingly easy and fun to do. Our job was to stand in the middle of the running course - which was on the back side of Fools Hollow Lake and point runners in the right direction.
Hard work - nearly killed us!

LOL! There were a couple girls that may have been around 13yrs and some guys that looked like they were in their 70's out there kicking it. Amazing to see.

Then this last weekend we participated in The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. Our team B.F.F.'s (Boylan family and friends) had a great time raising money and walking the track all night. I was team captain and loved the time it took to put this together.

We raised over $900.00 just from our team. Mom, Dad, Lori, Cara, Brianna, Kelsey, Tyler, Kari, and her friend Natalie all came up to help. They got into the team spirit by wearing purple striped tights and flowers.

We also celebrated Natalie's birthday she was so surprised! Our neighbors the Barney's also came to support our team. Becky Barney is a Cancer Survivor. All the time spent raising funds, doing yard sales and bake sales was totally worth it. I hope we can figure out how to do it again next year. Our thanks to everyone who helped by donating to our cause. We had a great time the rest of the weekend playing pounce and trying to catch up on the sleep we lost. Dad, Kirt, & Tyler even went fishing and then to the Car Show.

My favorite quote of the weekend..."I never knew you could raise so much money for other people" - Natalie

Flowers Make Me SO Happy!

I can't believe I am such a flower freak!

I have been the biggest crab lately. Stress and a toothache do not mix well. One day a couple weeks ago I saw a landscaping truck carrying the most BEAUTIFUL Hydrangea plants. Instant smiles were beaming across my face. Is it possible for a potted plant to cause such happiness! It was then that I remembered how much I LOVE having flowers in the yard.

I spent a day renewing my front yard and my withered spirit. It only took $80, 2 Large potted Hydrangeas, 1 potted delphinium, 1 new rose bush, 8 pink geraniums, and 2 flats of purple petunias.

Kirt even gave me a Lowe's card so I could buy more! I moved the porch swing to the front yard so I could sit under the tree and see my flowers. We finally put the trampoline in the side I have what I call "Swing Therapy".
And it's wonderful! I love to sit in my swing and watch Amanda jump on the trampoline and take in the beautiful flowers. The weather has been so nice...aside from a few windy days.
Its definately my favorite time of year!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Okay so I have to admit I have been horrible lately about keeping my blog up to date. There has been so much going on but I will try to do better.

Memorial Day Weekend was our first official trip to the Lake this year.
How do you like my tan!! (hee hee)
The weekend started with a Luau at Steve's house to celebrate his birthday then it was back to the lake for us. We brought Kelsey & Tyler for the weekend. Jack & Kay came to see us on Sunday, Kari learned to drive the boat, Mom & Dad, Kendall & Alicia, & Lori, Cara, Brianna, and Elijah came to hang out with us on Monday. We had a great time trying to crash the tube - I was nearly drowned - and Skipper & Gilligan actually got time to chase the fishes. Here are a bunch of pictures of all the fun!
Roosevelt Lake - Memorial Weekend 2009