Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Last Wee Haw!

We had such a wonderful time with friends over Labor Day Weekend. We took the boat out to Roosevelt Lake and camped on the beach. The weather was great...Friday Night we camped next to my boss Lance and his family. They had to leave on Saturday but the girls had a great time playing on his jet ski's. Amanda even drove solo for about an hour and didn't drown! On Sunday our "brother" Rico and his son Jordan came and stayed with us. We had a great time showing them how to have some "Arizona Fun". I think we took them a little too fast on the red tube...even though they said they had fun neither one was up for another try! (Still glad you came Rico!)
Kirt even taught Jordan how to drive the boat which cause quite a stir with Amanda. So eventually he caved and took her out on her own to teach her how to drive the boat....while the rest of us stayed safely on the shore. On Monday Natalie's family came with their boat to play. Kari practiced her wake jumping skills and Amanda even actually got up on her knees on the kneeboard. I had fun the whole weekend taking as many pictures as possible Amanda busted a few moves on the boat and the kids really enjoyed the water trampoline. Kirt fished as much as possible - but still no proof exists of his actually catching anything. We still all had a great time and felt very relaxed on our last Wee Haw! I'm going to miss this summer, the lakes, and all the fun we had together.
We made some Awesome Memories!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Its a Cheer Thing

Amanda made the Cheer Squad this year at the Junior High.

She has always wanted to be a cheerleader. She looks so cute in her little uniform too! A couple weeks ago I took off work early so I could watch her at the pep assembly. Here are a few pics!

Ofcourse then there was the fun of sitting through football
games just to watch the cheerleaders!

But the fun was short-lived. Amanda quit cheer last week...I don't know whether to be upset or to breathe a big sigh of relief! She says that the fact she made it at all was an absolute "miracle" but she had reached her limits emotionally. Amanda had a hard time with the coach putting her down and then the girls would follow suit. Atleast the girl knows her limitations...and we had fun while it lasted! Next up is Volleyball - GO COUGARS!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Summer at the Lakes

So we've been to the Lake a few times this summer...LOL!

This month we went to Saguaro Lake Aug. 8th (last post), then Canyon Lake on the 15th, and back to Saguaro Lake on the 22nd. (Do you see a trend here?) It was hard to stay home this weekend - so we didn't. Saturday Night we took the camp trailer up to Hawley Lake and camped for the night. LOL - This weekend we are going camping somewhere for Labor Day Weekend. I bet you anything we end up at Roosevelt Lake...I wouldn't be surprized.

Not sure how much fun we can pack into one summer before the bishop starts paying us a visit!

Don't get me wrong - we've been to church with Mom and Dad....just not at our ward for quite sometime. The ward members are starting to treat us like long lost friends. Here's a few of my favorite pics from the last few weeks.

Canyon Lake - August 15, 2009

Dad & Kirt went fishing in the morning then we met them at the beach for lunch. We took Tyler with us and our friend Shana Stailey.
Tyler and Shana learned how to use the kneeboard. We saw a ram on the side of the cliffs. It was a great day but Canyon Lake is just too crowded.

Saguaro Lake - August 22, 2009

This time we took Tyler and our friend Sierra West and the Bottomleys for the day. It poured on us in the afternoon - we were soaked to the bone but had a great time. After the rain there was a beautiful double rainbow across the Lake and a random waterfall coming off the side of the mountain. The kids had fun playing on the water trampoline and Kari worked on jumping the wakes on her wakeboard.

Hawley Lake - August 29, 2009
Saturday both Kirt & I had to work. Kari was home so we decided to take the camp trailer out for some time in the mountains. We fished in the morning and only caught one crawdad! However, Amanda did catch her first stick...LOL!
Next time we are bringing Kirt a lounge chair! I forgot my camera so I had to rely on my cell phone for pictures. It was so beautiful - we almost hit a bull and a cow on the way up the mountain then saw wild horses along the roadside. The elk were bugle-ing all night and then the coyotes started howling.
It was great!
We are so blessed to be able to play this summer in between all the long work hours. It has been a long time coming. We hope next time you'll come with us!