Thursday, October 29, 2009

Girls Day Out


Last Weekend Kari came home to go to a friend's missionary farewell. Kirt had gone to the valley to do a job at Kim & Randy's new home so we had a random girl's weekend.

We started the morning by me going into the office for a few hours, followed by a haircut for Kari, thrift store shopping for Halloween Costumes and a belt for Kari, we ate lunch at Licano's, then we bagged the needles that had piled up on the lawn...(just in time for the snow). Then we drove to Snowflake and went to the Corn Maze at Willis Farms. At night they do a haunted maze but I had no desire to pay $8.00 to wet myself! We had a great time searching for all the hole punches with different shapes hidden throughout the maze...this was more my style than bloody body parts and hissing dragons. I think we had more fun taking pictures on the side of the barn though. We went to Sonic for slushes afterwards...What a great day!

Wish you were here!