Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Growing Up!

I know I told them not to do that!

So the girls are celebrating their birthdays in a couple weeks.
Sigh......Why can't we just keep them Young and ours FOREVER? It seems like the time is passing all too fast. I miss the old days...the easier problems...the cheaper lists to Santa!
You know when they thought we were the coolest ever! I'm still cool...but I don't think they always agree with that. Just look at how happy they are. Kari still thought boys were ICKY! and Amanda loved Teletubbies. In just a couple weeks Kari will be 19 and Amanda will be 13!
We took this picture near the Mogollon Rim on a Sunday afternoon drive. (Still my favorite family thing to do) Gone are the teletubbies, barbies, lace and froo froo....They have been replaced by my gray hairs, boy/girl parties, college classes, and jr. high drama.

So what can be done about these disobedient children? I have nothing to say except for this:
"Man, I'm getting old!"

Friday, January 23, 2009

New Jams

Don't you just love a new pair of jammies? I do. Why is that? I can only speculate. Slipping into a new pair of jammies is similar to that first time you slip into a clean set of sheets.
(Sheets must be more than 220 thread count in this instance.. so the spiderman sheets from Kmart wouldn't apply here) Its just refreshing, soothing, and like you treated yourself to something extra special. Not that I don't clean my sheets often..ha ha But considering the amount of time I have spent at the office lately taking care of peoples Quarterly payroll returns, W-2's, 1099's, sales tax reports, and monthly accounting...I decided I deserved the splurge. I even bought a new pair of extra-thick slippers to match. So last night I came home from work and snuggled into my jammies by 8:00pm. It felt like I was taking a trip to the spa! I left the dirty dishes in the sink even...and laid around all night! YAHOO!!! And yes, I slept like a BABY...then I woke up today
and went to work again. .................Sigh!

I wish every day could be new jammie day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Dad is Santa...Neener Neener!

I kinda feel bad for the rest of the know not having the perfect knowledge that Santa really does exist. My youngest daughter Amanda used to ask me all the time if Grampa was really Santa. I never had to lie to her because he really is my Santa! Every year my ex-scrooge of a father dresses up night after night and spends quality time passing out candy canes and visiting with children about their hopes for a great Christmas. How cool is that? Kids can tell Santa anything.... and try taking him out somewhere. Little kids stare at him, even without the red suit on they know who he really is. Dad doesn't let them down either...he always acknowledges them and sometimes surprises them with a candy cane from his coat pocket. This year at our ward christmas party I overheard the kids saying things like "thats the real Santa, they really got the real Santa for our party"! He has all the good comebacks to like...."oh the elves are back at the pole getting things ready to go" and " The Reindeer are resting right now, I'm going to meet with them later". Funny how I remember as a child how hard it was just to get dad to hang his scrooge ornament on the tree. LOL

So ya better watch out, and ya better not cry....Cuz I know Santa personally and he really is making a list!

Thanks for a Great Christmas Dad!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Follow-Up to Elder Gimpy & Other Ramblings

Just a note to let you know that Jake's surgery went fine. Kari was able to speak with him on the phone Tuesday. He wasn't feeling so good coming off the anesthesia but they were able to talk for about 30 minutes! Someone at the MTC must have forgot he was on the phone 'cuz that seems like a long time to me...LOL She said it was good to talk to him. He let her do most of the talking...which he loved I am sure.

A note on the other hand....I simply hate going to the dentist. Now don't get me dentist is WONDERFUL! But I am the only one I know who can go in for a simple cleaning and end up leaving with a bill for $1,395.00. It was slightly traumatic for me esp. since Kirt is not in a good financial mood right now. Grrr....I hate crying over teeth! Paying for the Dentist has been kind of the "thorn in the saddle" around our house.

On another note....I really enjoy stalking all of your blogs...but it seems most of you have taken a little vacation from blogging. I read your blogs like they're the morning paper. Makes me happy to see what you're up I here's a little kick in your fannie who!
Disclamer: Chanelle is excused from scrutiny as she has a legitimate excuse

OK...I think I feel better now. Love you all! SHARI

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow Day for Jayden! Say What???

I am so glad I had my camera ready....
because these were the only shots we got!

Looks Impressive...
.....But this is really how Jayden prefers to do a Snow Day!

He is so lucky he is CUTE and has an awesome Mom & Dad!

Ahhh....January in the mountains...

I enjoy Christmas but there is something about that time when you put it all away and finally breathe a sigh of relief that I find soothing. I typically don't find that sigh anymore working at a CPA Firm. January is the time to kick it all into high gear. So It was nice to hear from Steve and Pam Friday when they said they were bringing Jayden up to play in the Snow. I had to kick it into high gear and get the Christmas Crap put away...yes, I said crap. I have been working such long hours since the turn of the New Year that I had neglected nearly everything at home. I needed a good kick in the behind so to speak.

They didn't get here until about 3pm so we gathered our winter playclothes and left the house as soon as we could. We were sure Jayden wasn't going to last more than an hour on the hill anyways. Taking the drive up to Little Sunrise isn't bad from my house...but when you start from Mesa it can make for a long day in the car. We no sooner got him to the top of the sled hill when he decided he was cold. Pam went back to the truck to fetch another layer of pants and we sent Amanda down the hill on her sled to show him how much fun it was. Then Steve decided he would take Jayden down...Pam wasn't quite back yet. I asked him if he wanted to wait and he said "No, She can watch the next one" LOL

Jayden had fun but didn't care for the face full of snow he got. So needless to say...HE WAS DONE and Pam never got to see him sled. He did play in the snow a little and liked watching the fire someone made in the snow. He didn't get to build a snowmen though ...the snow was too dry and wouldn't stick together anymore.
We headed back to the house and had hamburgers for dinner...Jayden had a good time racing motorcross on the computer and was able to run around a little bit before they headed home.
I know it was a long way to come to show a little boy some frozen white stuff for like 20 minutes...but I am glad they came. Jayden is a lucky boy for having such devoted parents!
Thanks to Steve and Pam for bringing some fun to my weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009

9th Annual Rocket Shoot!

We had such a GREAT TIME on New's Years Day this year. It was the 9th Annual Rocket Shoot hosted by my brother Randy. This year we gathered at a new "undisclosed" location. We circled the wagons or in our case the SUV's and Suburbans and set up camp for a day of fun.

Thanks Randy and Kim for bringing the camp trailer! So cool to have a Potty!
(Note to Logan - I haven't forgotten that you tried to lock me in either!!)
The kids had fun riding bikes and quads in the desert....Congratulations to Logan for
riding without training wheels.
Way to go big guy!

Kari changed the name of her Rocket to the "Jake-alizer" no big surprise there. Then I got this awesome picture of it igniting
at launch....Way Cool!
I Guess I didn't
get a pic of Amanda's pencil rocket. (note to self - 2010 - pics of both kids with rockets)

The Dad's kept everyone happy by keeping the toys ready to roll...

Some of the guys had big work getting the Jeep fixed up too....
I typically fix my
jeep with a toy saw too!
Thanks to all the Mom's for keeping us all fed and happy!
The day was a huge SUCCESS! No lost rockets, no broken bones, Lots of food, dirt, and Fun.

A Quick Note about Elder Gimpy

Jake is having surgery on Monday to fix his torn ACL in his knee. He gets to call home on Tuesday. We will let you know how it goes... He is having fun with his pen fishing pole he got for christmas. He attached a spider to it and scares people.

What a Goof!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kari's Buddie he's cute. I'll give him that. But does she have to be so crazy in love? It doesn't seem to matter that Jake is a hundreds of miles away and that he isn't coming back for like TWO WHOLE YEARS! Kari is crazy about him. Enough to put it on her car.

Maybe she's hoping if she
declares it in a semi-permanent
way then she can ward off would-be suitors.
(Not a bad idea lil'one!)
She actually put the little
sticky letter idea on her list to Santa.
Let's face it...He's perfect for her.
Not that I think a long distance relationship is a good idea
but her dad and I did it for awhile too. Plus we were engaged
for almost a year before we got married. So who am I to tell her
to give up. Read my lips!........Not going to do it!
And look how happy they are! AND I have to
admit it....Kirt & I like him too! Who could ask for a better future son?
He loves the Lord, wants with all his heart to do
whats right, and treats Kari like a QUEEN! I know he's going
to be a great missionary and Kari is already a
great daughter. I can't wait
to see what the future holds for her!
....HOPEFULLY its her good buddie Jake!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So....I'm a blogger now!

...Another New Year's Resolution is underway. No promises on how successful I will be at figuring this thing out. Keep watching it can only get better. Thanks for the help sis.