Saturday, March 28, 2009

She's a Natural!

That's my girl!...future screen editor, producer, Volleyball Coach, etc...

We had such a great time taking direction from Kari last week on the scene of her new movie.
It took all day to shoot & when she's done it will only be 3 minutes long! Kari is such a
Natural at shooting movies....she had every scene organized and her cousins and I had alot of fun playing actors. She shot it in gramma's backyard with her "crew" from SCC. There is a marshmallow war that breaks out between two groups of kids. Kind of like a paintball war.
Here are some shots of the "battlefield".

It was fun to see Kari in her element.
The Cast & Crew:
Hopefully we will all get a chance to see it soon!

& That's a Wrap!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Our Sunday Picnic

Last Sunday after church we took a short trip to the bottom of Salt River Canyon. The Desert is so beautiful this time of year. The flowers are blooming and the water is plentiful. We usually stop and eat just below the bridge...there's a spot where the rocks are flat in you can get your feet wet without worrying about the strong currents.

We decided this time to go for a short walk upstream to see what we could find.
Imagine our surprise when we found this:
A Georgeous Waterfall!
It was amazingly simple to get to. Alaina and Amanda had fun posing for the camera.
(As you can see so did Kirt and I)...
I was so glad to have my new camera with me to take such wonderful photos. (Thanks to Kirt - Happy Birthday to me!)

It was an AMAZING day!

Someone told us that you're not supposed to go on picnics on Sunday...I say "who says so?" It was more like a Sunday drive with food anyways. We had 5 good quality hours of no TV, no Radio, no Computers, etc.....we had time to talk and learn more about each other. And we gained a stronger appreciation for our Heavenly Father and all the blessings he gives us. It was a perfect day.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The "Other" Wife

I can't wait for summer to get here! Kirt has a hard time reading my blogs because I haven't posted a picture of his boat yet. Well, here you go dear! He is so obsessed with his boat that sometimes it feels like its the "other wife". I am just glad that he has learned how to play.

The first weekend we got the boat we took the girls to Lake Powell. It was so wonderful, except for nights...we were in a tent and it was hot. We are planning to go back this year for a week but now we have the camp trailer....Yay!

We do get a fair amount of fishing done but we spend most of the time hauling the girls around in the innertubes. Amanda and Sierra are demonstrating what it looks like if you go too slow:
You have to get your speed going pretty steady. Jake and Kari are showing what it looks like if you go too fast:
or it can look like this:

Last year we met some family out at Bartlett Lake to play. Scary place - people are crazy over there! Here we are having some fun on the shoreline. We packed up and went to Roosevelt the next day. I mostly just enjoy going on the ride. I think thats why I like Lake Powell so much. The scenery is so beautiful and you can just go forever. Last time we went up 50 miles and hiked in to Rainbow Bridge. It was amazing!

This year we are hoping to teach the girls to water ski. we took the boat out for the first time this year last weekend to Saguaro Lake. Too cold to swim but we did do some fishing...not catching...just fishing..Ha Ha!

So if you get the itch to swim in a big dirty bowl of fishies...give us a call.
We are probably already there!

Monday, March 2, 2009

"A Rant" dedicated to my newest daughter "Alaina" a sweet but difficult child..LOL

I just want to SCREAM!!!!!

Okay, listen up all of friends, family, my blog know who you are!
I need you to promise me a few things...expecially those of you with children, those of you who care for children, and those of you planning to have children.

PROMISE ME that you will do everything in your power to let your children know they are loved!

Then PROMISE YOUR CHILDREN that you will love them
Tell them that no matter how they behave you will always be there for them.
PROMISE to teach them all you know about making good choices.
PROMISE them that they will always be protected, even if it is from YOURSELF.
PROMISE them that you will never turn your back on them EVER!!
Make sure they know that you TRULY want to be with them forever!
Empower them from danger!....Tell them that if they are scared, or afraid, or being hurt, that they can do everything in their power to fight kick, scream, to scratch an eye out of an offender if they have to. No matter who it is...that they do not ever have to be a victim.
PROMISE them that you will really try to listen to them, even when what they say hurts you or scares you.
PROMISE them that they can tell you anything and you will be understanding.
And then really be understanding...
And if at some point they need help...promise them that you will do everything in your power to make that happen.
Never put them in jail, never hit them, shove them, pull their hair, scratch them, sit on them, call them names, or ridicule them. And if you ever do...Be grown up enough to say you are SORRY!
Let them know that if they make a bad choice or get in a sticky situation, that they can call you and you will come get them. Even if they are at some party in the middle of the Forest. You can ask questions later, you can love them later, you can teach them consequences later.
PROMISE them that even when you are not perfect, and none of us listen up, promise that you will do your best to make it right.

And if you ever plan to adopt a child - Promise me that you're in it for the long matter how hard it is, or how many times they yell at you because they don't understand whats happening, or how closed off they become. Maybe they just need a hug, or some professional get it. You can take that family vacation later, but atleast you will still have a family.

Be prepared to let go of anger, even if they have not.

Go Hug your children now...don't wait! Teach them about the consequences of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and sex. Help them to be their own best advocate when it comes to making these kinds of choices.

So again...if I SCREAM! Will you do it? Will you take the time to talk to your kids...really talk! Will you stay calm when they really trust you with the ugly truth? Knowing how difficult it must be for them to tell you some things?

I PROMISE YOU that you won't regret it!