Monday, May 11, 2009

It's a slow bake! life has been a little nuts lately. Somedays I just feel like running away.
Thank goodness for my life coach...she is a good listener with great advice.
She said I needed to make a little time for myself everyday.
Something I practically never do.
(Thanks are the best Life Coach ever!)
It seems that most of my days are planned for me. I know you know how that feels right? So I decided to take her advice. It took me two weeks to get the nerve to buy a one-month unlimited pass to the local "Fake Bake" called "One Tan Banana". Its not much and someday I may have cancer...ha ha
(I know not funny)
but its 10 minutes in a booth with NO ONE else!
And I get to pick the music!
Here I am before:

and here I am after one week:

You will have to be the judge because I don't see a huge difference.

But afterall, this isn't really about the tan...although I am happy to not scare everyone the first time we take the boat out this summer...This is about recharging my batteries. I am also excited for June 5th/6th. I am team captain for our BFF Team. (Boylan Family and Friends) for the White Mountain Relay For Life. Its a 24-hour cancer walk...and such a worthy cause.

I had a great time Mother's Day weekend...I ran into so many good friends that I had not seen in really long time. It was another great battery booster...then I got to see most of my brothers and sisters as they came to wish my mom a happy mother's day.

I still feel the stress of life but with some great advice, good service, good friends, and the love of family I am pretty sure I am going to make it...and the tan is just icing on the cake.