Monday, May 11, 2009

It's a slow bake! life has been a little nuts lately. Somedays I just feel like running away.
Thank goodness for my life coach...she is a good listener with great advice.
She said I needed to make a little time for myself everyday.
Something I practically never do.
(Thanks are the best Life Coach ever!)
It seems that most of my days are planned for me. I know you know how that feels right? So I decided to take her advice. It took me two weeks to get the nerve to buy a one-month unlimited pass to the local "Fake Bake" called "One Tan Banana". Its not much and someday I may have cancer...ha ha
(I know not funny)
but its 10 minutes in a booth with NO ONE else!
And I get to pick the music!
Here I am before:

and here I am after one week:

You will have to be the judge because I don't see a huge difference.

But afterall, this isn't really about the tan...although I am happy to not scare everyone the first time we take the boat out this summer...This is about recharging my batteries. I am also excited for June 5th/6th. I am team captain for our BFF Team. (Boylan Family and Friends) for the White Mountain Relay For Life. Its a 24-hour cancer walk...and such a worthy cause.

I had a great time Mother's Day weekend...I ran into so many good friends that I had not seen in really long time. It was another great battery booster...then I got to see most of my brothers and sisters as they came to wish my mom a happy mother's day.

I still feel the stress of life but with some great advice, good service, good friends, and the love of family I am pretty sure I am going to make it...and the tan is just icing on the cake.


thetallgrl said...

Ha ha, just take me with you to the lake and no one will be scared by you! I practically glow in the dark. I have two color options: neon white or lobster red.

Randy said...

lol, that made me laugh!

Lori said...

nice tan sis! I think it looks good...I'm actually a little jealous. heh heh