Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Last Wee Haw!

We had such a wonderful time with friends over Labor Day Weekend. We took the boat out to Roosevelt Lake and camped on the beach. The weather was great...Friday Night we camped next to my boss Lance and his family. They had to leave on Saturday but the girls had a great time playing on his jet ski's. Amanda even drove solo for about an hour and didn't drown! On Sunday our "brother" Rico and his son Jordan came and stayed with us. We had a great time showing them how to have some "Arizona Fun". I think we took them a little too fast on the red tube...even though they said they had fun neither one was up for another try! (Still glad you came Rico!)
Kirt even taught Jordan how to drive the boat which cause quite a stir with Amanda. So eventually he caved and took her out on her own to teach her how to drive the boat....while the rest of us stayed safely on the shore. On Monday Natalie's family came with their boat to play. Kari practiced her wake jumping skills and Amanda even actually got up on her knees on the kneeboard. I had fun the whole weekend taking as many pictures as possible Amanda busted a few moves on the boat and the kids really enjoyed the water trampoline. Kirt fished as much as possible - but still no proof exists of his actually catching anything. We still all had a great time and felt very relaxed on our last Wee Haw! I'm going to miss this summer, the lakes, and all the fun we had together.
We made some Awesome Memories!

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