Saturday, March 28, 2009

She's a Natural!

That's my girl!...future screen editor, producer, Volleyball Coach, etc...

We had such a great time taking direction from Kari last week on the scene of her new movie.
It took all day to shoot & when she's done it will only be 3 minutes long! Kari is such a
Natural at shooting movies....she had every scene organized and her cousins and I had alot of fun playing actors. She shot it in gramma's backyard with her "crew" from SCC. There is a marshmallow war that breaks out between two groups of kids. Kind of like a paintball war.
Here are some shots of the "battlefield".

It was fun to see Kari in her element.
The Cast & Crew:
Hopefully we will all get a chance to see it soon!

& That's a Wrap!


Randy said...

that is so cool.. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Lydia Hulse said...

Is the movie on utube yet? If so, whats the title so I can download it.