Thursday, July 16, 2009

Our Vacation 2009

We had the best time on our vacation this year. Alaina decided to stay home but we took Kari's friend Natalie with us & had alot of fun.

We loaded up and headed out on the 4th of July right after the parade. Well, about 5 hours after the parade..LOL. Two cars, a camp trailer, a boat, a dozen beach towels, and two walkie-talkies later we found ourselves at Lake Powell.

We had a great time tubing, wake-boarding, and knee-boarding!
One day we had to get rescued by a boat full of like 14 guys - Natalie said they looked "Fine" but Kari was staying true to Jake & didn't act interested. It made for a fun time though!

One day we drove the boat 93 miles up to Hall's Crossing for Ice Cream. We gassed up & drove the 93 miles back. LOL We are nuts! Another day we drove 50 miles up to Rainbow Bridge. We took some great pictures and was so glad to see it was still there. We saw a dinosaur footprint too.

On our way back we stopped at Dangling Rope Marina for Ice Cream & Fuel and ran into our Home Teachers the Sherwoods. They were happy to be able to get their home teaching done while on vacation but we forgot to have closing prayer so we searched Canyon Creek until we found them jumping off some rocks. We had a blast hanging out with them for the afternoon. The kids got to play on the jet skis and jump off the rocks. The water was nice and Judy taught Amanda how to drive. We never did say that closing prayer...LOL!

Another of our favorite things was finding Horseshoe Bend. It is just a couple miles from Page and about a half mile hike - but WOW it was breathtaking. I think we found our Christmas Card Picture!

After spending 6 days on the Lake & nearly dying 3 times (a story for another day) we headed back to Flagstaff & then to the Grand Canyon.
Natalie had never been to the Grand Canyon before - so it was fun to show her how amazing it was. We took our usual family group shots too!
It was all fun until the girls started fighting on the edge & Kirt fell!
We decided to have a little fun with the camera so don't panic - these pictures are posed! LOL

We spent our last night at the Lowell Observatory looking at the stars. We saw Saturn & some double stars. We even had dinner at the Galaxy Diner. It was great & we made alot of good memories together. We also took over a 1000+ pictures between us and I even got to do a little shopping in Flagstaff before we came home.

I wish vacations could always be as awesome as this one was!
On a side note - Jake was transferred to Yellowstone this week and was made a District Leader. His district covers parts of Idaho, Wyoming, & Montana. He even gets to fish a little. We are so proud of his missionary efforts & excited to someday have him a part of family. We will have to take this trip again because he would love it!

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Chelsee Apuna Bingham said...

Oh man I so want to go wake boarding! What a fun family vacation!