Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Giving Back

My Family has had a few great opportunities lately to give back to our community.

Last week Kirt, Amanda, and I volunteered to help with the Deuces Wild Triathalon. It was amazingly easy and fun to do. Our job was to stand in the middle of the running course - which was on the back side of Fools Hollow Lake and point runners in the right direction.
Hard work - nearly killed us!

LOL! There were a couple girls that may have been around 13yrs and some guys that looked like they were in their 70's out there kicking it. Amazing to see.

Then this last weekend we participated in The American Cancer Society's Relay For Life. Our team B.F.F.'s (Boylan family and friends) had a great time raising money and walking the track all night. I was team captain and loved the time it took to put this together.

We raised over $900.00 just from our team. Mom, Dad, Lori, Cara, Brianna, Kelsey, Tyler, Kari, and her friend Natalie all came up to help. They got into the team spirit by wearing purple striped tights and flowers.

We also celebrated Natalie's birthday she was so surprised! Our neighbors the Barney's also came to support our team. Becky Barney is a Cancer Survivor. All the time spent raising funds, doing yard sales and bake sales was totally worth it. I hope we can figure out how to do it again next year. Our thanks to everyone who helped by donating to our cause. We had a great time the rest of the weekend playing pounce and trying to catch up on the sleep we lost. Dad, Kirt, & Tyler even went fishing and then to the Car Show.

My favorite quote of the weekend..."I never knew you could raise so much money for other people" - Natalie

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Lori said...

This really was the most fun ever! Thanks for letting us come participate sis! You did a great job of getting things ready and making it a success for all of us! Love ya!