Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Should Be On Medication!

This is why you should never let a teenager drive your car!

I let Alaina take the suburban during our Ward Campout so she could get some practice in it. She wasn't gone 5 minutes and managed to

make friends with a few trees.

It was a really hard hit and the girls were lucky to walk away.
My heart has been racing & my stomach turning ever since but we are
counting our losses and being greatful for the miracles of that day.

So now with our meager insurance settlement.
we are on the hunt for a new truck that can haul the camp trailer
before our big trip to Lake Powell on the 4th!

Say Goodbye Randy & Kim - It was a great car!


Hemi426 said...
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Hemi426 said...

Ouch! Actually, double ouch! Nothing like having more pressure to "find" the next new vehicle before the impending next trip! Good luck with all that...

Lori said... this is just not cool! So sorry sis! Hang in there! Keep taking care of yourself everyday! Thanks also for having my boy up there and taking such good care of him! You're one great auntie! Love you!