Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kari's Buddie he's cute. I'll give him that. But does she have to be so crazy in love? It doesn't seem to matter that Jake is a hundreds of miles away and that he isn't coming back for like TWO WHOLE YEARS! Kari is crazy about him. Enough to put it on her car.

Maybe she's hoping if she
declares it in a semi-permanent
way then she can ward off would-be suitors.
(Not a bad idea lil'one!)
She actually put the little
sticky letter idea on her list to Santa.
Let's face it...He's perfect for her.
Not that I think a long distance relationship is a good idea
but her dad and I did it for awhile too. Plus we were engaged
for almost a year before we got married. So who am I to tell her
to give up. Read my lips!........Not going to do it!
And look how happy they are! AND I have to
admit it....Kirt & I like him too! Who could ask for a better future son?
He loves the Lord, wants with all his heart to do
whats right, and treats Kari like a QUEEN! I know he's going
to be a great missionary and Kari is already a
great daughter. I can't wait
to see what the future holds for her!
....HOPEFULLY its her good buddie Jake!


ChefTom said...

I might have diabetes after all that sap!!!

Lori said...

haha Tom! Didn't you see the read at your own risk sign? lol I finally saw the pictures sis! YEA! Looks great!

Sharibugs said...

Sounds like Tom forgot to eat his wheaties...ha ha!