Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Dad is Santa...Neener Neener!

I kinda feel bad for the rest of the know not having the perfect knowledge that Santa really does exist. My youngest daughter Amanda used to ask me all the time if Grampa was really Santa. I never had to lie to her because he really is my Santa! Every year my ex-scrooge of a father dresses up night after night and spends quality time passing out candy canes and visiting with children about their hopes for a great Christmas. How cool is that? Kids can tell Santa anything.... and try taking him out somewhere. Little kids stare at him, even without the red suit on they know who he really is. Dad doesn't let them down either...he always acknowledges them and sometimes surprises them with a candy cane from his coat pocket. This year at our ward christmas party I overheard the kids saying things like "thats the real Santa, they really got the real Santa for our party"! He has all the good comebacks to like...."oh the elves are back at the pole getting things ready to go" and " The Reindeer are resting right now, I'm going to meet with them later". Funny how I remember as a child how hard it was just to get dad to hang his scrooge ornament on the tree. LOL

So ya better watch out, and ya better not cry....Cuz I know Santa personally and he really is making a list!

Thanks for a Great Christmas Dad!

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Lori said...

Neener neener! He's my dad too! Love ya Dad! Thanks for Christmas too! Love my jammies!