Friday, January 9, 2009

9th Annual Rocket Shoot!

We had such a GREAT TIME on New's Years Day this year. It was the 9th Annual Rocket Shoot hosted by my brother Randy. This year we gathered at a new "undisclosed" location. We circled the wagons or in our case the SUV's and Suburbans and set up camp for a day of fun.

Thanks Randy and Kim for bringing the camp trailer! So cool to have a Potty!
(Note to Logan - I haven't forgotten that you tried to lock me in either!!)
The kids had fun riding bikes and quads in the desert....Congratulations to Logan for
riding without training wheels.
Way to go big guy!

Kari changed the name of her Rocket to the "Jake-alizer" no big surprise there. Then I got this awesome picture of it igniting
at launch....Way Cool!
I Guess I didn't
get a pic of Amanda's pencil rocket. (note to self - 2010 - pics of both kids with rockets)

The Dad's kept everyone happy by keeping the toys ready to roll...

Some of the guys had big work getting the Jeep fixed up too....
I typically fix my
jeep with a toy saw too!
Thanks to all the Mom's for keeping us all fed and happy!
The day was a huge SUCCESS! No lost rockets, no broken bones, Lots of food, dirt, and Fun.

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Randy said...

so fun to read your posts sis. I had a really great time this year! thanks to all who came and made it another success.