Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Growing Up!

I know I told them not to do that!

So the girls are celebrating their birthdays in a couple weeks.
Sigh......Why can't we just keep them Young and ours FOREVER? It seems like the time is passing all too fast. I miss the old days...the easier problems...the cheaper lists to Santa!
You know when they thought we were the coolest ever! I'm still cool...but I don't think they always agree with that. Just look at how happy they are. Kari still thought boys were ICKY! and Amanda loved Teletubbies. In just a couple weeks Kari will be 19 and Amanda will be 13!
We took this picture near the Mogollon Rim on a Sunday afternoon drive. (Still my favorite family thing to do) Gone are the teletubbies, barbies, lace and froo froo....They have been replaced by my gray hairs, boy/girl parties, college classes, and jr. high drama.

So what can be done about these disobedient children? I have nothing to say except for this:
"Man, I'm getting old!"


Randy said...

I agree, you are old sis!
lol ;-)

Lori said...

sheesh...doncha just love brothers? You still have less gray hair than me sis! Although, we will be empty nesters at the same time! haha Still, I can't believe how fast all our children have grown up! Aren't we still the "kids"? I'm still waiting for mom and dad to give ME permission to grow up! lol Love ya!