Sunday, January 11, 2009

Snow Day for Jayden! Say What???

I am so glad I had my camera ready....
because these were the only shots we got!

Looks Impressive...
.....But this is really how Jayden prefers to do a Snow Day!

He is so lucky he is CUTE and has an awesome Mom & Dad!

Ahhh....January in the mountains...

I enjoy Christmas but there is something about that time when you put it all away and finally breathe a sigh of relief that I find soothing. I typically don't find that sigh anymore working at a CPA Firm. January is the time to kick it all into high gear. So It was nice to hear from Steve and Pam Friday when they said they were bringing Jayden up to play in the Snow. I had to kick it into high gear and get the Christmas Crap put away...yes, I said crap. I have been working such long hours since the turn of the New Year that I had neglected nearly everything at home. I needed a good kick in the behind so to speak.

They didn't get here until about 3pm so we gathered our winter playclothes and left the house as soon as we could. We were sure Jayden wasn't going to last more than an hour on the hill anyways. Taking the drive up to Little Sunrise isn't bad from my house...but when you start from Mesa it can make for a long day in the car. We no sooner got him to the top of the sled hill when he decided he was cold. Pam went back to the truck to fetch another layer of pants and we sent Amanda down the hill on her sled to show him how much fun it was. Then Steve decided he would take Jayden down...Pam wasn't quite back yet. I asked him if he wanted to wait and he said "No, She can watch the next one" LOL

Jayden had fun but didn't care for the face full of snow he got. So needless to say...HE WAS DONE and Pam never got to see him sled. He did play in the snow a little and liked watching the fire someone made in the snow. He didn't get to build a snowmen though ...the snow was too dry and wouldn't stick together anymore.
We headed back to the house and had hamburgers for dinner...Jayden had a good time racing motorcross on the computer and was able to run around a little bit before they headed home.
I know it was a long way to come to show a little boy some frozen white stuff for like 20 minutes...but I am glad they came. Jayden is a lucky boy for having such devoted parents!
Thanks to Steve and Pam for bringing some fun to my weekend!

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thetallgrl said...

Do you still have snow? I'd love to bring Caralie up to play in the white stuff. She hasn't seen much of it in her short little lifetime. We'll have to plan a trip - sometime when you're not pounded with work. Does that ever happen? :o)