Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Follow-Up to Elder Gimpy & Other Ramblings

Just a note to let you know that Jake's surgery went fine. Kari was able to speak with him on the phone Tuesday. He wasn't feeling so good coming off the anesthesia but they were able to talk for about 30 minutes! Someone at the MTC must have forgot he was on the phone 'cuz that seems like a long time to me...LOL She said it was good to talk to him. He let her do most of the talking...which he loved I am sure.

A note on the other hand....I simply hate going to the dentist. Now don't get me dentist is WONDERFUL! But I am the only one I know who can go in for a simple cleaning and end up leaving with a bill for $1,395.00. It was slightly traumatic for me esp. since Kirt is not in a good financial mood right now. Grrr....I hate crying over teeth! Paying for the Dentist has been kind of the "thorn in the saddle" around our house.

On another note....I really enjoy stalking all of your blogs...but it seems most of you have taken a little vacation from blogging. I read your blogs like they're the morning paper. Makes me happy to see what you're up I here's a little kick in your fannie who!
Disclamer: Chanelle is excused from scrutiny as she has a legitimate excuse

OK...I think I feel better now. Love you all! SHARI


Cindy C. said...

I hope I come under the umbrella of Chanelle's excuse... just too much to do!

Sharibugs said...

I think that is how it is for everyone right now.

Lori said...

I got the message sis! However, it will probably be Sunday before I can update my blog! I can't believe I even took time to read yours! lolol Love ya! It looks great! You are doing awesome!

thetallgrl said...

I HATE the dentist, too, and I'm back at work on the blog. Luckily I have some fun Hawaii stuff to post about, not just the sad stuff.

I need a sedation dentist. The kind that knock you out so you don't know what's happening...